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Our Approach
Open and straight-forward assessment with direct personal contact provided by our team allows us to provide a tailored service that really addresses your needs.
Online Apllication

Application Form

Please complete this questionnaire and forward it to VRCS who will then provide you with a written proposal.  Any information will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed or discussed with any third party.
Company Name  
Total Employees     Shifts     Certification  Type Initial Certification
Tel Number   Contact Name  
Fax Number   Position  
Web Site   E-mail  
Standard(s) to be assessed   Accreditation  
Scope: Please describe what activities your organisation carries out.
Please list any additional sites  to be included in the scope of registration
Legal Status   Pvt. Ltd  ./Public Ltd / Proprietorship  / Partnership  /Any Other
Service Tax/Excise/TIN No.  
Type of Industry  
Nature of Industry  
Please list the number of employees in each area/site
(please use additional sheets if required )
Full Time Part Time Shifts Full Time
(Site 2)
Part Time
(Site 2)
(Site 2)
Manufacturing/Service area            
Quality Control/Technical            
Total Employees (Full time equivalent)            
Approx number of sub contractors used on average if applicable.   Describe the type of work subcontracted if applicable.  
Design & Development included?   Existing Certification  
Statutory & Regulatory Requirements  
When will you be ready for stage one review? Date  
Outsourced Process  
Were you assisted by a consultant in developing your Management System?  Self Name & address   
Were you assisted by Staff, Auditor or any other person related to VRCS in Consultancy, Training or any other association?  
Any Business Associate of VRCS linked with you other than marketing?  
Additional information regarding Management System Certification
Management System Certification  
Quality and Procedure Manual  & Implementation  
Internal Audit & MRM  
If Transfer ,All NC’s Closed  
Any Other certification  
Is Organisation ready for stage-I Audit  
Translator Needed  
Protective Equipments Needed  
Management System Certification  
HACCP Plan & Implementation  
Additional HACCP Plan & Process lines  
Internal Audit & MRM  
Statutory & Regulatory Requirements Addressed  
Additional sites  
Food Chain Category  
If Transfer ,All NC’s Closed  
Is Organization ready for stage-I Audit  
Translator Needed  
Protective Equipments Needed  

Signature & Declaration

Signature & Name  
Designation   Date  
Declaration: The information provide above is true to the best of our knowledge and Belief.

For Use of VRCS Office only

Is application gives all information   
Any issue of Impartiality Compromised  
Can application be Processed further  
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